Markus Breuss and Tsukiko Amakawa concert.
Thursday July 21st 2005, 10 pm.

This concert takes part of a series "Una mirada a tres músicas" in collaboration with Gràcia territori Sonor / LEM Festival.

"Critics would always comment on the indelible impression left by the legendary Clónicos concerts, and many fans remember these concerts as sonic events which were as impressive as they were absorbing. On the 21st of July, the original conductor from that fascinating orchestra will arrive in Barcelona for one single concert as part of a tour which began in England and will take Faktor Bossar to Japan. This duo - this multi-tonal, multi-stylistic sonic unit - is made up of Markus Breuss (trumpets, flugelhorn, shanka, kang-ling — a Tibetan trumpet made from a thighbone — didgeridoo, Superconstellation aircraft, Korg MS-20, Eventide H-3000, shortwave radio, laptop computer, percussion instruments and toys) and Tsukiko Amakawa (piano, synthesisers, Tibetan bowl, Tibetan saucers and percussion).

The Swiss multi-instrumentalist/composer has joined forces with the Japanese multi-instrumentalist/composer, for a project full of powerful emotion and surprises, which produces in the listener a feeling of suspense, of constant anticipation which their compositions touch on, creating a truly inexhaustible array of sonic visions ranging from the ancestral to the electronic via jazz, rock, improvisation, ready-made, mysticism, directness, humour and so on.

Breuss-Amakawa are functioning on one of the most exciting levels of current music: one where the power of rock and jazz is superimposed onto contemporary musical composition, where other musical cultures are visited on their own terms, never joining any touristic package tour, and transmitting an absolutely unique personality, a magnetic pull which is impossible to keep away from. Cool fresh water for anyone thirsty for an active listening experience."

Víctor Nubla

A new collaboration with Gràcia Territori Sonor

The new auditorium of MACBA opened its doors the last days of 2004. During the first half of this year, the museum has consolidated a very solid programme of cinema and audiovisuals, understanding that logic that says cinema has been a fundamental part of the artistic culture of 20th century (and obviously, that goes on this 21st).

Since this summer and until 2006, the museum wants to consolidate a music programme, too. In fact, since the exhibition "Procesos sónicos" (summer 2002) MACBA is showing the changes these last years are transforming the previous relation between high and popular culture. Also, there has been an irruption of the sound inside the space of the museum. That's the context where MACBA starts now a collaboration with Gràcia Territori Sonor. This alliance will give outcomes very soon, with one show this July and two in October. Those shows are part of the LEM Festival. The intention is to continue this collaboration in the future, because MACBA wants to give to contemporary experimental music, progressively, a stronger atention.

The International Festival of Experimental Music LEM (organised by Gràcia Territori Sonor) arrives this year to its ninth edition en 2005. One of the novelties of this edition it's the collaboration with MACBA, that will make possible the co-organisation of diferent sonic events until the end of this year, including the celebration of some of the shows of the festival in the Auditorium of the museum.

The public presentation of this new alliance will take place next July 21st in the museum, with the concert of Faktor Bossar, a duet made by two well known and very difficult to classified musicians: Markus Breuss (Switzerland) and Tsukiko Amakawa (Japan). That's the type of activity this collaboration is going to develop periodically. After the summer, (October 18th and 25th), the Auditorium of MACBA will give its welcome to two shows of the LEM Festival, with the german experimental vocalist Gabriele Hasler and the pianist from the US Larry Karush, a disciple of Terry Riley that knows how to connect his music with the great family of minimalism.

Next shows, next fall:

Gabriele Hasler
October 18th, 8 pm. Auditorium MACBA.

Larry Karush. New Comprovisations for Solo Piano"
October 25th, 8 pm. Auditorium MACBA.

Co-produced with:
Gràcia Territori Sonor
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