Permanent teacher's aides

The MACBA's educational program team offers aide throughout the schoolyear. Group services can address any questions about the use and purpose of these projects, or you can speak to your own Servicios educativos / Centros de Recursos Pedagógicos.

Free guided visits daily

The MACBA offers guided tours to each of its exhibitions for professors that want to visit them before working with their students.

Presentations and prep sessions

Both the MACBA and the Servicios educativos / Centros de Recursos Pedagógicos organize presentations and sessions in preparation for these projects throughout the school year. To find out the schedule, please inquire at the MACBA or your local Servicios educativos / Centros de Recursos Pedagógicos.

Students from de Agustí Serra i Fontanet Secondary School (Sabadell) at MACBA, 2010. Photo: Òscar Ferrer


The activities are aimed at teachers working at all educational levels.
For group and education program information please call 93 412 14 13
educacio [at] macba [dot] cat



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