To the northwest, the Collserola massif surrounds the city of Barcelona. Despite its considerable elevation, the main contact with this ‘mountain’ range is the view of the Tibidabo church that sits on its highest peak. But what details and secrets are revealed when we approach it? What is life like in the neighbourhoods sitting on those hills? What has been Collserola’s relationship with Barcelona throughout history? What happens when we change perspectives and observe the city from up there?

The Centre d’Activitats de Muntanya 9Barris (CAM9B) is a group of young hikers who have been exploring Collserola and other mountains in the area for more than thirty years out of a sense of mutual responsibility and respect for the natural spaces of the land they inhabit. In an exploratory tour of the mountain range proposed by them, they will share with us what they have found during their excursions and the diverse experiences – both their own and those of us participants – of living in the neighbourhoods perched on the hills of Collserola.

At the end of the walk, there will be an opportunity to have lunch in one of the farmhouses that have populated this edge of the city for generations.

Coordinated by Laura Arensburg and Julieta Obiols

With the support of:
Creative Europe
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Photo: Francisco Navarrete Sitja


free. Advance booking required
Participants: 20
Meeting point: Masia de la Guineueta, Plaça de ca N’Ensenya, La Guineueta

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