Extended until June 2021

The Exoteric Department is an artistic and pedagogical project aimed at students of any discipline aged 18 or over. No previous art education is required. A research group with a residency in the Museum and working under the slogan: ‘What do you want to learn? What can you teach?’, their educational approach supports horizontality and self-management among participants, and creates a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences around contemporary art and thinking.

This is a collectively managed space in which the three implicated agents – students, artist and the Museum’s Education Department – are responsible for the programme and its format. On account of this practice, and the experience gained, the Exoteric Department can be considered a research space in the field of self-managed education.

Directed by Jordi Ferreiro, artist and educator, and Yolanda Jolis, Education Coordinator.

For more information on the public sessions of the Exoteric Department and their project: https://www.instagram.com/departamentexoteric/

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Joseph Beuys "F.I.U. Flag", 1985

educacio [at] macba [dot] cat
Tel. 93 412 14 13.




1. Anem a baixar el nivell
2. Com has arribat fins aquí?
3. Votem que votem, o què fem?
4. A qui estem esperant?
5. Què hi veus?
6. Hi anem?
7. Vols fer una birra?