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The Exoteric Department is an artistic and pedagogical project aimed at students of any discipline aged 18 or over. No previous art education is required. A research group with a residency in the Museum and working under the slogan: ‘What do you want to learn? What can you teach?’, their educational approach supports horizontality and self-management among participants, and creates a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences around contemporary art and thinking.

This is a collectively managed space in which the three implicated agents – students, artist and the Museum’s Education Department – are responsible for the programme and its format. On account of this practice, and the experience gained, the Exoteric Department can be considered a research space in the field of self-managed education.

Directed by Jordi Ferreiro, artist and educator, and Yolanda Jolis, Education Coordinator.

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Joseph Beuys "F.I.U. Flag", 1985

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1. Anem a baixar el nivell
2. Com has arribat fins aquí?
3. Votem que votem, o què fem?
4. A qui estem esperant?
5. Què hi veus?
6. Hi anem?
7. Vols fer una birra?
Blue protects white from innocence. Blue drags black with it. Blue is darkness made visible.
Derek Jarman