Friday, 22 July 2022

Expanded listening

Umbráfono, a project by Enrique del Castillo, consists of a performance with three optical readers capable of transforming light stimuli projected onto photosensitive cells into sound. These light stimuli are generated by a beam of light passing through celluloid films designed from the relationship between the wave frequency of the notes and the repetition of geometric forms, so that harmonic sounds, noises, sound textures and atmospheres can be achieved. This project is based on the optical-analogue reading system used in the cinema since 1919 to interpret film soundtracks. The reading heads have been modified to read multiple voices simultaneously and to function as independent instruments. Every component has been designed and manufactured by the author, as are the films being used, which are original compositions without copies.


Enrique del Castillo
Enrique del Castillo's activity

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