A maquette of a maquette. A plant that imitates a plant. A symbolic wastepaper basket. A fake building replacing a real building. An emergency drill ending up as an emergency. To pretend we are actors representing ourselves. To pretend we are scratching an arm or really scratching it. To simulate the kidnapping of a person or really kidnapping them. To tell a lie and manage to turn it into a truth… Mariona Moncunill will conduct this workshop uncovering the mechanisms for the construction of meaning and generation of values.

In the end, what is a good lie?


SATURDAYS 13 AND 20 DECEMBER 2014, FROM 5 pm TO 9 pm
Venue: ground floor of MACBA’s Study Center
Free admission. Booking not required. Limited places.

Note: There will be no activities in Habitació 1418 on 6 and 27 December.