Squatting has a long tradition in Barcelona. As a movement that stands against the system, it has proved quite effective and has been accepted by the community, although with increasing frequency it ends abruptly with a police eviction. Squatters differ in terms of ideology, action, management and roots in the urban social fabric. However, they all have the same purpose: to claim the right to housing.

During this encounter, Julieta Lara, activist, migrant artist, single mother and fighter from Guatemala, will provide us with insights into the creation and maintenance of self-managed spaces linked to the squatters’ movement, such as her experience as the manager of La Profana in Poblesec, which was closed by the police last year. Her valuable feminist and anti-racist contributions are manifest in the articulation of squatted spaces and in extending the goals set by these movements.

Our first meeting point will be a seemingly banal place: a public fountain, from which water and stories spring against the current.

Coordinated by Héctor Acuña, with an initial contribution by Emil Becerril

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Admission: free. Advance booking required
Participants: 25
Meeting point: water fountain, Plaça del Nord, Gràcia

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