In certain cities, tourism takes shape as an essential element in the dynamics of the construction of urban space but also in the processes of dispossession, accumulation and reproduction of capital. Analysing tourism from a critical perspective requires using and rethinking theoretical frameworks that have been concerned with understanding the production of the urban space under capitalism from different traditions and perspectives. This workshop will return to the work of French philosopher Henri Lefebvre and British geographer David Harvey to analyse what they can contribute to the understanding of highly touristic cities.

The speakers are Fabiana Valdoski, geographer; Clément Marie dit Chirot, geographer; Rubén Martínez, political scientist, and José Mansilla, anthropologist.

Workshop organized by Alba Sud, an independent research centre specializing in the analysis of tourism from critical perspectives.



WEDNESDAY 23 OCTOBER, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
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Entrance: free.
Admission: Withour prior booking. Limited places.

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