Friday, 30th 2021

7:00 p.m.

MACBA Capella

Price: €5. Limited capacity. Previous booking required.

Fully booked
Jaume Ferrete, Voice is the new touch

“It was just a touch. I touched it. I touch the screen: I touched the screen and it is not a touchscreen. What a strange moment.

I thought that if I touched it, something would happen to me, and nothing happened.

Only compressed flesh, between the finger and the screen, and the fingerprint leaving marks on the glass and nothing else.”

Idoia Zabaleta, I Have Time (from the Top Mantras series)

Mantras are mental instruments for enlightenment.
Mantras are crushing words for prayer.
Mantras are elementary vibrations for creation.

On this occasion, we will instrumentalise the word time, not before having crushed the word man, and we will see what form the crushing takes... Like a verbena poultice that is put on your throat to soothe tonsillitis.

Work in progress.

Jaume Ferrete Vázquez works around the notion of voice through performance, listening sessions, archives, workshops, conversations, sound work and websites. He has collaborated with numerous institutions (MACBA, MNCARS, MUAC UNAM, Secession, UPV/EHU, TEOR/éTica...) and has received multiple awards (Generación 2016, BBVA Foundation Leonardo Grants, AMEXCID arts residence, OSIC...). He is currently carrying out research on synthetic voices and performances (

Idoia Zabaleta. Choreographer. In the Biology Faculty she specialised in ecosystems and population dynamics. She has studied new dance and improvisation in Barcelona, Florence, Amsterdam and New York. She worked with the Mal Pelo company between 1995 and 1999. Since 2000, she has co-produced and created her own work, collaborating with other artists and researchers, such as Isabel de Naverán, Filipa Francisco, Antonio Tagliarini, Ixiar Rozas and Sofía Asencio, among others. Her work has been seen at festivals and international gatherings. She teaches classes in various masters and postgraduate courses. In 2008 she built and currently runs the AZALA art residency and creation space, along with Juan González. It is located in the town where she lives.

Idoia Zabaleta, Mantras

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