Tuesday, 22 February 2022

In early 2016, the artist Raisa Maudit wrote to the curator Martí Manen to strike up an epistolary conversation about the idea of going fearlessly into the belly of the beast. “The beast” is the art world, the economy, politics and academia. “The beast” is everything that surrounds and oppresses, it is what is internalised as absolute truth from which there is no escape. With defeat as a starting point, the conversation between Raisa Maudit and Martí Manen turned into a systemic critique that does not hide in glee befitting fear and strategy. Everything is direct and there is no turning back.

This conversation would become Las Disidencias (“Dissidences”), a book published in 2020 by Storm And Drunk, an independent platform based in Madrid that offers ideas and ways of doing things beyond the norm.

This session of dialogue and reading—between the performative and the declamative—returns to the initial correspondence between Maudit and Manen to approach charged emotions, rage and the desire to read the code of the establishment to blow up as much as possible. From the ruins, redefining will be feasible.

Raisa Maudit has presented her artistic work in institutional and independent contexts. She has exhibited at MUSAC, Gitte Böhr Galerie (Berlin), Galería Códice (Nicaragua), CA2M, Museo El Chopo (Mexico City), Fundació Joan Miró, MACBA, HOME (Manchester), Kingston Gallery (Los Angeles), Kunstraum Flat1 (Vienna) and more. She has received awards such as Generaciones 2019, Area 60 2017, Injuve 2015, Ayudas a la creación 2019 and Centro de Residencias Matadero 2021. Since 2014, she has directed the independent art space, specular laboratory and publisher Storm And Drunk and has written books such as Cartas a Wolfi (“Letters to Wolfi”) and Días de Ira (“Days of Rage”). She is part of the international Visionary Women Research Group and has curated exhibitions at MIAC, PS Mirabel and TEA Tenerife.

Martí Manen is the director of Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation in Stockholm. He has curated exhibitions at the Museo de Historia Natural (Mexico City), Aara (Bangkok), Sala Rekalde (Bilbao), Konsthall C (Stockholm), CA2M (Madrid) and the Fundació Miró (Barcelona). Manen was the curator of the Spanish pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015 and has curated the biennial Momentum10 (Moss, Norway, 2019). For five years in the 1990s, he curated exhibitions in his room in a student flat in Barcelona. He has published several books, including Salir de la exposición (“Leaving the exhibition”), Contarlo todo sin saber cómo (“Telling it all without knowing how”) and Cuando las líneas son tiempo (“When the lines are time”).

Llibre de Les Dissidències

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