Saturday 12 March 2022

Díptico del desierto is a performing project made up of two pieces: a group dance Chorus and a solo The Very Last Northern White Rhino, directed by the director and choreographer Gaston Core.

Chorusis inspired by Aeschylus’ tragedy The Suppliants, in which a group of women flee from their country in search of freedom, confronting together another band of humans that will have to decide their fate. Through the deconstruction of kathak dance the piece recovers an archaic trait of the tragedy: the chorus as the protagonist. A journey between the mythological and the social, between the fantastic and the present day, between classical aesthetics and contemporary movement.

The Very Last Northern White Rhino is a journey from darkness to light, a celebration of life through dance, amid the chaos of the world. Dancing till you drop, dancing until the end because maybe there is nothing more to be done. Through research into different urban dance styles this piece presents dance as excess, as a celebration derived from life. Dancing till you drop, dancing until the end because maybe there is nothing more to be done.

This show is part of Metropolitan Dance Fortnight, which will take place from 10 to 27 March in 12 boroughs of Barcelona's Metropolitan Area. For information on the festival's programme:

Gaston Core is a stage manager, dramaturge, cultural manager, dancer and actor, and he has been the director of the Sala Hiroshima since 2015. Currently his work as a choreographer is focused on investigating different expressive essences of dance in collaboration with other artists and creators.


Authorship and direction: Gaston Core 
Performers: Shreyashee Nag, Alba Lopez, Diana Aguirre, Margaux  Celdran, Karina Nathani, Cristina Jiménez, Paroma Basu, Riya Nathani, Simran Menghani, Anna Foglietta, Anita Deb and Anoushka Dasgupta 
Musical direction: Shreyashee Nag
Costumes: Eva Bernal 
Photography: Alice Brazzit
Coproduction: Dansa Metropolitana and Sala Hiroshima 
Acknowledgements: Nicol Yao Dapre AKA OULOUY, Centre Cívic Barceloneta and Mario R. Rubio 

Authorship: Gaston Core and Jorge da Rocha
Direction: Gaston Core
Performer: Nicol Yao Dapre AKA Oulouy
Costumes: Eva Bernal
Lighting design: Ivan Cascón 
Photography and video: Alice Brazzit
Artistic collaboration: Aina Alegre
Coproduction: Grec Festival de Barcelona and Sala Hiroshima
Acknowledgement: Centre Cívic Barceloneta


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