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Dance at the end of the month closes with the participation of the Museum in the Quinzena Metropolitana de la Dansa (Metropolitan Dance Fortnight) with Soliloquios (Soliloquy), a piece by Jon MayaCesc Gelabert and Andrés Marín. Three dancers are located in three of the museum galleries while the public is free to circulate among them. Three personal trajectories and three views on art converge in the same space and time, punctuated by the sound installation of Luis Miguel Cobo, which proposes a constant and simultaneous acoustic contamination.

Original Idea: Jon Maya
Choreographic conception: Cesc Gelabert
Dancers: Cesc Gelabert, Jon Maya, Andrés Marín
Musical creation: Luis Miguel Cobo
Lighting design: David Bernués
Production: Kukai Dantza (Jon Maya, Doltza Oararteta, Nagore Martínez)

Soliloquios is a project developed from several artistic residences at the University Museum of Navarra.

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Quinzena metropolitana de dansa
kukai dantza

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The objects are intended to have the objective character of industrial products. They are not intended to represent anything other than what they are. The previous categorization of the arts no longer exists.
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