A guided tour of the exhibition Eulalia Grau. I Have Never Painted Golden Angels with the artist Daniela Ortiz (Cuzco, Peru, 1985). The visit offers a reading of the work of Eulàlia Grau that questions the capitalist, patriarchal and colonial systems. The proposal acknowledges the generation gap between the two artists, but also focuses on similarities in their themes and their respective strategies for production and distribution. The work of Daniela Ortiz analyses the material of the media and of government agencies in relation to the systems of visibility and invisibility of the structures of social control, paying particular attention to current migration flows.
Eulàlia Grau "Caps, calces i mitjons", 1973


Saturday 22 June at 7 pm

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FONS ÀUDIO #19. Eulàlia Grau
Son[i]a #175. Eulàlia Grau