MACBA becomes a springboard to showcase future contemporary dance professionals by presenting some fee works by students of the CSD (Conservatori Superior de Dansa) and IT Dansa (young dance company at the Institut del Teatre).

After a change of management, the CSD dance school is embarking on a new stage and a commitment to set up links with dance and cultural centres and production platforms in the city. The idea is to allow students to gain experience in a professional environment, introduce them to different contexts, and give them visibility as up-and-coming dancers and choreographers of the future.

Dancing on White



1. Oni
Choreographer and performer, Guido Lucas
Length 3,50 min
2. Nomequiteslaropa
Choreographer and performer, Blanca Tolsa
Length 2,45 min
3. Síncope
Choreographer and performer, Reginald Lefebvre
Length 3,20 min
4. La Cochonerie (escorxant creacions)
Choreographer, Eulalia Bergadà
Musical composition, Aloma Ruiz
Performers, Aloma Ruiz and Eulalia Bergadà
Length 10 min
5. Simbiosis
Choreographer, Sonia Fernández
Performers, Darío Barreto and Elia Genís
Live Music, Guillem Llotje and Aída Oset
Length 10 min
6. Dans tes bras
Choreographers and performers, Reginald Lefebvre and Laura Lliteras
Length 5 min
7. andand
Choreographers and performers, Luis Pedraza and Ana Ramirez
Length 3,10 min
8. No haand Do sin Re
Choreographer, Lara Misó
Performers, Chloe Leong, Adrien Martins and Ole Kristian
Length 7 min
Dirección, Raquel Klein
Performers, Marina Fullana, Laura Lliteras, Reginald Lefebvre, Adrien Martins and Jacob Gómez
Length 10 min

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