The exhibition El Lissitzky. Beyond abstraction. Photography, design and collaborations brings together some of the least-known work of this Soviet artist: his experiments in the field of photography, photo-montage and graphic and exhibition design, as well as his intense collaboration with various Soviet film-makers. It is precisely this latter aspect that has prompted the MACBA to put on a short cycle of Soviet avant-garde cinema, which makes no claim to being a comprehensive survey, aiming simpling to present a selection of films by four leading Soviet directors who were contemporaries of El Lissitzky.


Kinoglas, 1924, by Dziga Vertov. 58'

La madre, 1926, by Vsevolod Pudovkin. 88'

Lo viejo y lo nuevo, 1928, by Serguey Eisenstein. 89'

El hombre de la cámara, 1929, by Dziga Vertov. 70'

Los trece, 1937 by Mijaíl Romm. 87'