Guided visit and presentation of the book Cuando la fe mueve montañas (When Faith can Move Mountains), by Francis Alÿs and Cuauhtémoc Medina

On April 11th, five hundred people were brought together to line up next to a 500 metre-diameter sand-dune, and to move it, using spades, a distance of 10 centimetres from its original position. This action was the subject of a video which can be seen at the MACBA's La Central space, during the Francis Alÿs exhibition Walking Distance from the Studio.

The project Cuando la fe mueve montañas (Lima, Peru, April the 11th) was done by Francis Alÿs together with Cuauhtémoc Medina, as part of Lima's Latin American art biennial in 2002, with the collaboration of Rafael Ortega and the students of the National University of Engineering, Lima, Peru.


JUNE 1st, 2005 Guided Visit
Exhibition rooms, 6:00 pm

Book Presentation
Auditorium, 7:30 pm
Free entry. Space is limited.