The Dance Conservatory at Institut del Teatre is committed to generating links between the school and the city’s production and exhibition centres, so as to offer students work and personal experiences in the professional context and introduce them to different stages, giving them visibility as future dancers and choreographers. As part of the Experience MACBA programme, we present some of the works created in open workshops by students from different years in the choreography and performing major.
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Estrella Damm
Conservatori Superior de Dansa de l'Institut del Teatre


SATURDAY 18 JUNE 2016, 7 pm
Venue: MACBA Atrium.

Title: Once upon a time we will all die. 10 min.
Interpreters: Marion Giner & Hanna Tervonen
Choreography: Hanna Tervonen

Title: Untitled. 9 min.
Choreography: Magdalena Garzón
Creation and interpretation: Magdalena Garzón and Zaida Fernández
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Sonata BWV 1014 in b minor (first movement)
Musical advice: Jordi Alomar

Title: Untitled. 10 min.
Choreography: Albert Bassas
Interpreters: Marta Reguera and Albert Bassas

Title: Saro Nokto. 10 min.
Choreography: Adrián Vega
Interpreters: Jaume Luque, Victor Fernandez
Music: Greg Haines - So it goes

Title: Vanity Light. 10 min
Choreography: Eulalia Bergadà
Interpreters: Joaquin Collado, Marina Fullana, Raquel Klein.
Music: Aloma Ruiz

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