Crisis hit Argentina, there is no doubt about it. There has been a lot of information about it, and the faces victimised by barbarianism are well known for sure. It will be known too that there were victimisers, people that benefited from all this. This story has been repeated a thousand and one times all over the world. What is perhaps less well known is the story of the resistance movements. Of the subjectivities that foresaw the crisis, that managed to get through and beyond it, overcoming the state of victimisation and producing experiences of a new type: factories occupied by the workers, experiments with swap clubs, picket movements, neighbourhood assemblies and many other forms of the new social movement. Is another kind of politics emerging there? How can we interpret the latest presidential elections, when the system of political domination appears to have become normalised? What are the dilemmas that currently face counter-power in Argentina?

Situaciones group

Situaciones is an autonomous research group based in Buenos Aires. Situaciones seeks to promote a project for an "internal" reading of struggles, a phenomenology (a genealogy) and not an "objective" description. Because only this way can thought cease to be a mere reproduction of what exists to take on a creative, affirmative function. And because only in this fidelity to immanence can thought make a real, dynamic contribution, quite the contrary to formulating a programme or scheme to pigeon-hole and saturate practices.