Valentín Roma and Julián Rodríguez talk about The Immaterial Legacy. An Essay on the Collection, a critical showcase of the MACBA Collection that employs various thematic frameworks to reflect on the overflowing of the bounds of the aesthetic field during the eighties. In addition to a few dominant notions, this period saw the emergence of new sensibilities and of micro-historical practices of ‘repositioning’ that connected politics to the body, popular processes rooted In the secular tradition to autobiographical narratives, and the search for the Other with research into autochthonous heritage.

This particular reading offers partly enthusiastic and partly critical approaches to the proliferation of musical forms from the perspective of the lives and experiences of the more precarious and exploited sectors of society, of the collective imaginaries that reinvented urban ceremonials, of fanzine culture – residue of the consumer society and Trojan horse within it –, and of the defense of humour as the main working theme of some major artists whose work is usually situated too close to grandiloquence.

'Alba'. 'Retratos' series by Martin Kippenberger, 1988


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Conversation with Valentín Roma and Julián Rodríguez on 'The Immaterial Legacy. An Essay on the Collection'
I don’t think about art when I’m working. I try to think about life
Jean-Michel Basquiat