Clairhearness is a music workshop which is not designed only for musicians, but is also aimed at anyone wanting to develop their activity in the world of dance, audiovisuals, performance art, installation and all the arts of the time. And, of course, to all students, teachers and theorists interested in these fields. The object of this workshop is to reflect on the relationship between the arts, sensorial hierarchies in perception, multimedia art, installation and other current encounters between the arts. The workshop has therefore been organised on three levels taking place at different times of day, according to a scheme calling for intense dedication.


- mornings, THE LABORATORY: fieldwork using the radio frequency transmitted by the atmosphere.

- afternoons, THE REPUBLIC: discussion and debating sessions on the basis of the workshop thematic texts.

- evenings, THE FOYER: audition sessions at different levels. Comment on the auditions.

The republic and the foyer will be sessions open to the general public one day a week in the context of the exhibition Procés sònic and will be attended by guests who will give talks, round tables, concerts and performances, with the participation of David Shea, Marcelo Expósito, Francisco López and Games Addiction amongst others. An extensive dossier of relevant texts will be issued to participants in the workshop.