Christian Marclay’s interactive installation Chalkboard (2010) invites visitors to write notes, drawings or graffiti on a architecturally-scaled chalkboard ruled with musical staff lines. Periodically, this "score" is interpreted by musicians. Once a concert is finished, the board is cleared and the process begins again until the next. Despite being a piece of musical notation, the work subverts the classical composition and the conventional score offering this degree of freedom to the public as well as to the musicians.

Ferran Fages (Barcelona 1974) is an improviser and composer, and an international reference in the sphere of electroacoustic improvisation. Since the end of the 1990s, he has published over fifty discographic references on national and international labels. He has undertaken tours, performed concerts and led workshops around Europe and South America as well as in Canada and Japan. He plays guitar, resonant objects, acoustic turntables and electronics: “feedback mixing board”, pick-ups and oscillators. He is an experimental and curious musician, and he explores, touches and composes reelaborating and redefining the timbric possibilities of instruments. Under the premise less is more, he has developed a research with the guitar from the use of alternative tunings and not using effects. His raw and unadorned sound is inversely proportional to the elements and resources that he uses.

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Photo: Glòria Solsona


SATURDAY 29 JUNE, 18.30 pm
Venue: Museum galleries
Admission: Activity included in the price of admission. No booking required.