On the occasion of the exhibition Nonument, Sitesize, together with Jeffrey Swartz and Ferran Aisa, presents the publication ¡Cataluña termina aquí! ¡Aquí empieza Murcia! , accompanying their work included in the exhibition.

¡Cataluña termina aquí! ¡Aquí empieza Murcia! is a research piece based on experiments in popular knowledge conducted in various parts of Barcelona and its surrounding areas, which is presented as an open and incomplete itinerary. The banner ‘¡Cataluña termina aquí! ¡Aquí empieza Murcia!’ – installed in the district of Torrassa-Collblanc, on the outskirts of Barcelona, at the time of the Republic – was proof of the feeling of exclusion experienced by a parallel society. Under this title Sitesize brings together an ongoing project, a series of locations where collective knowledge showed both its strengths and its contradictions. A free popular knowledge that runs through the city of Barcelona and its periphery and has often acted as a form of active resistance against the threat of annihilation and repression.

The project proposes the actualisation of this research in various places and circumstances favouring its contextualisation, the widening of references and a revision of the current dynamics of artistic creation with the elaboration of new narratives, specific creative works and associated activities. The itineraries included in this publication, made during 2012 and 2013, represent common places, events and organisations. They involve free people who create and recreate the serene yet agitated construction of a knowledge linked to a direct manifestation of nature and a collective transformation of things; a knowledge that, with shared consistency, rewrites a continuous thread of energy that runs through, communicates and becomes settled, while welcoming creative fertility and liberation.

The current edition includes texts by Manuel Delgado, Isabel Segura, Gerard Horta, Jeffrey Swartz, and collaborations by Nelly Peyró, Eduard Masjuan and Produccions Nòmades.



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7.30 pm: Presentation of the publication
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