Workshop Activar l’aula, mireia Saladrigas. Foto: © Eva Carasol / mACBA, 2015


7 NOVEMBER 2015, FROM 10 TO 6 pm
Venue: MACBA
For group and education program information, please call (+34) 93 412 14 13 or
educacio [at] macba [dot] cat




Workshop Activar l’aula, Mireia Saladrigas. Foto: © Eva Carasol / MACBA, 2015
Alumnes del CEIP Àngels garriga. Foto: © Òscar Ferrer / MACBA, 2010
Esther Ferrer "Silla Zaj", 1974
The objects are intended to have the objective character of industrial products. They are not intended to represent anything other than what they are. The previous categorization of the arts no longer exists.
Charlotte Posenenske