Directed by Beatriz Preciado with the participation of Aimar Arriola, Alex Brahim, Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, R. Marcos Mota, Alicia Navarro, Fernanda Nogueira, Miguel A. López, and Marc Siegel.

The term 'Open PEI' refers to the specific activities organised as part of the MACBA Independent Studies Programme that are open to the public.
These activities – which can include public debates, seminars, workshops, audiovisual screenings and lectures – share and bring to light the research lines developed in the PEI, which also engage with the MACBA's programme of exhibitions and activities.

This seminar challenges the feminist, gay, lesbian and queer historiography of the English-speaking world, its key concepts and its timeframes, comparing them to the micropolitical production of the South and of dictatorial, post-dictatorial and postcolonial contexts, from Latin America to Spain. For our purposes here, the South is not simply a geographic reference, but a counter-topia that allows us to deconstruct the capitalist and colonial practices of the North. The seminar also draws on camp aesthetics and queer politics to account for a multiplicity of decolonial and post-identitary sexual guerrilla and gender dissent practices that challenge the hegemonic techniques of the production of sexual difference and their corresponding institutions of cultural reproduction.

With the collaboration of:
Sergio Zevallos (Grupo Chaclacayo), con la colaboración de Frido Martin, de la serie "Rosa Cordis", 1986. Cortesía Sergio Zevallos


Monday 19 and Thursday 20 November

19 November
5 pm Beatriz Preciado
Campceptualisms of the South. Ocaña and Spanish historiography
6 pm Marc Siegel
Believing in Jack Smith
7 pm Break
7.15 pm Max Jorge Hinderer
Inside the Heliocopter. From Tropicália to Tropicamp (Hélio Oticica)
8 pm R. Marcos Mota
Transvestite Science Fiction Sect
20 November

10.30 am Presentation by Beatriz Preciado
10.45 am Aimar Arriola
Cutre-Petardo-Punk Dissidences: Cases and practices (Basque Country/Andalusia/Chile)
11.45 am Alicia Navarro
The Feminist Body, Fragmented Bodies and Adhered Bodies in Flamenco Aesthetics
12.30 pm Break
12.45 pm Fernanda Nogueira
Itinerant Metamorphosis. The carnavalesque disidentification of Ney Matogrosso in the Brazilian militarship .

6 pm Alex Brahim
Revienta Incendiario. Some practices of sexual dissent in the public sphere through art in Columbia
7 pm Miguel López
Baroque Killer 'Marica'. Transvestism and communist 'revolution' in 1980s Peru
8 pm Debate and conclusions

Aimar Arriola. Curator and researcher. He has completed the MACBA Independent Studies Programme (PEI) and the Curatorlab programme at the Konstfack University, Stockholm
Alex Brahim. Independent curator. He moves between management, production, programming, communication and cultural activation.
Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz. PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He publishes essays on the political economy of psychoactive substances, colonial history and aesthetic theory, as well as cultural critique and translations in different media and international publications.
Miguel A. López. Writer, artist and researcher. He has been an active member of the Conceptualisms of the South (RCS) network since it was founded in 2007. He was a scholarship holder in the PEI-MACBA programme in 2008-2009).
R. Marcos Mota. Transvestite through and through, artist of the night.
Alicia Navarro. Art historian, researcher and independent writer. She completed postgraduate studies in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2010.
Fernanda Nogueira. Researcher, translator and literary critic. She has a Master's degree in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the University of São Paulo and is a member of the Conceptualisms of the South network.
Beatriz Preciado. Philosopher and queer activist. She has a PhD in Philosophy and Theory of Architecture from Princeton University and a Master's degree in Philosophy and Gender Studies from The New School for Social Research in New York.
Marc Siegel. Teaches Film Theory at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt. His research focuses on avant-garde film and queer studies.

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