Michael Roberson is an icon of Ballroom, a queer theologian and a public health activist in New York. This masterclass uses the discourses and practices of African American radical feminism and black liberation theology to discuss collectively the body techniques and performative strategies that enable the House/Ballroom culture, originated in Harlem New York, to confront the AIDS crisis and dismantle the oppressive configurations that arise at the intersection between racism, sexism, poverty and other forms of discrimination.

Michael Roberson’s participation is the result of his collaboration with of Sabel Gavaldon’s exhibition project Un museu del gest (Museum of the Gesture), selected under the umbrella of BCN Productions 2013 and taking place at the Capella de l’Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu, 27 November to 19 January.

With the collaboration of:
La Capella
The Lisbon Consortium
Michael Roberson



Michael Roberson Garçon
Capella MACBA

Co-production between the Oral Museum of the Revolution (PEI-MACBA) and Un museu del gest (Sabel Gavaldon, La Capella de l’Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu, ICUB)

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