MACBA presents the choreographer Pere Faura in collaboration with students from the Conservatorio Superior de Danza (CSD) of the Institut del Teatre.

‘Dance. Dance in the disco. In the theatre. In a museum. Dance and look. Dance and be looked at. Dance even if nobody looks at you. Dance alone. Dance with someone, who also dances with another. Dance and look at others dancing. Copy. Accompany. Complete the dance of another. Contemplate the dance of others. Dance. Dance to seduce. Dance for the sake of dancing. Dance in a museum as if you were in a disco or a theatre. At least for a while. Go on, dance.’ Pere Faura

Director: Pere Faura

Dancers: Eulàlia Bergadà, Raquel Klein, Elena Lalucat, Almudena Pardo, Karolina Rychilk, Laila Tafur, Laura Vila

Coordination: Lipi Hernández Andres

With de support of:
Pere Faura



Museum Atrium.
Limited places.

The work of Pere Faura (Barcelona, 1980) is usually characterised by the appropriation of elements of pop culture, such as striptease, disco, musicals or porn, decontextualised and remixed anew in a multidisciplinary choreography.

After several years studying and working in Amsterdam as a choreographer, he returned to Barcelona in 2011 attracted by the artistic wealth that, according to some, arises from job insecurity.

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