An ayalga, in Asturian, is something that is found, an object of value that was hidden. Ayalga is a solo project from Xabel Ferreiro, a former member of the groups Montañas and ¡Pelea!, and it is a return to the folk song based on voice and guitar, mixing in a bit of pasodoble, a bit of tonada, sparse technique and a lot of to and fro, ever reflecting on the same subject in a wholly aseptic attempt to reach a revealing conclusion.

Ajuar is a project to recover and reinterpret popular memory. It takes traditional jotas (mainly Leonese and Extremaduran) and rewrites them from a feminist perspective, subverting tradition without shunning it entirely. In addition to the songs, Ajuar recovers other aspects of popular tradition, rethinking and updating them to propose a critical and festive reinterpretation. Ajuar is made up by Ana and Corazón, a mortar and pestle and a tambourine.


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