In this workshop we will look at some works from the MACBA Collection that ‘break out’ of the exhibition rooms. We will see what happens when an artist decides to produce a piece that is exhibited in the museum’s circulation areas or leaves the Museum altogether and goes outside into public space. We will explore the materials that these works are made out of and observe people's reactions when they unexpectedly come across one of these artworks.

Our challenge will be to collaboratively create our own artistic project inspired by the work that Keith Haring painted in Barcelona in 1989: a public mural that has now been reproduced outside the Museum to coincide with the 25th anniversary of its original creation.

The times and format of this programme will change over the summer months, until we resume our regular activities from the feast of La Mercè onwards. This means that there will be no family workshops on weekends during the summer quarter, although they will still take place every Wednesday, and on weekdays for summer holiday camps and other organised activities.

Program sponsors:
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Youth clubs and summer schools: from June 30 to August 1 at 10 am. Duration: 2 h 30 min.

Place: Museum galleries
Youth clubs and summer schools: 40 euros/group (maximum 15 children)
For children from 5 years old.