In recent months, the artist Gabriella Ciancimino (Palermo, 1978) participated in a project that has shaped the exhibition Before Our Eyes. Other Cartographies of the Rif. Her work focuses on collective work, coexistence and expressive diversity.

For this project, Ciancimino has worked with a women’s cooperative in the Rif, engaged in distilling essential oils. From here arises a series of works in which flowers are seen as elements of resistance. The piece that is presented at MACBA shows us, through graffiti, connections between botany (flowers are one of the great icons of Islamic representation), women and education. It also allows the artist to relate groups of women in Morocco, Catalonia and Italy and open a reflection on migration flows.

This activity is a unique opportunity to understand Ciancimino’s creative process and appreciate first hand the production of a work that will then be included in the exhibition Before Our Eyes. Other Cartographies of the Rif (24 January 24 –18 May 2014 ).

With de support of:
"Mixture of Plants: the Edelweiss", 2012, Graz (Austria). Handmade book, Mixed media on paper.  Courtesy of Gabriella Ciancimino and L'appartement 22 (Rabat).



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