Directed by Sergi Aguilar and Ramon Parramon

This workshop sets out to articulate a debate on the changes of thinking in relation to the concept of public art, from the commemorative monument to the latest forms of intervention in the public space, with the aim of highlighting the evolution over the last twenty years, with the shift from sculptural installations linked to the physical environment and sited in plazas, on roundabouts, etc., to interventions with a more immediate involvement in the social fabric.


First part:

Sergi Aguilar and Ramon Parramon
Evolution of the different concepts of intervention in the public space in recent years.

Presentation of the project to be carried out by the workshop participants in a district of Barcelona.

Ignasi de Lecea
Present situation and future perspectives of artistic interventions in Barcelona.
Ramon Parramon
Public Art. Calaf. A programme that provides for intervention in a specific cultural context. Explanation of the projects carried out this year.

Atsuko Arai
Presentation of his project, announcement of the Calaf 99/00 Public Art competition.

David Medalla
Public proposal of community intervention in the artistic project The ship of dreams.

Josep Maria Martin
Programme of public art in Sant Boi de Llobregat. The artist's involvement in programmes of intervention in the public space.

Jordi Colomer
Presentation of his project in Sant Boi of Llobregat.

Sergi Aguilar and Xavier Costa
The future of the public space. Debate in Barcelona.

Second part:

Sergi Aguilar y Ramon Parramon
Primer comentario sobre el lugar y los proyectos de intervención. Análisis del material recopilado en la investigación y valoración de las propuestas de intervención.
Working session on the projects.

Montse Romaní
Exploring the urban regeneration of the city on the basis of artistic practice. Non Place Urban Realm. Exhibition, space of debate and space of reading. Presented at the South London Gallery. London, August 1999.

Working session on the projects.

Eulàlia Valldosera
Presentation of her project in the Skulptur Projekte, Münster, in 1997.

Sergi Aguilar, Ramon Parramon and Carles Guerra
Presentation and final commentary on the projects.