Debate tours to the exhibition and the urban fabric in which it takes place. The tours are comprised of three acts (experiences, territories, expressions) and depend on the participation of individuals in the fields of art, urban studies and associated movements.

Coordinated by Joan Roca


Sunday, October 3 from 11am – 2pm
The exhibition in Besòs
With Roger Buergel, Lluis Estrada, José Gil, Maria Martí, Carlos Díaz and Magda Meseguer.

Sunday, October 17 from 11am – 2pm
The exhibition in Poblenou
With Carlos Piégari, Sonia Abian, Salvador Clarós, Jordi Fossas, Joan M. Soler, Mercé Tatjer and Jorge Ribalta.

Sunday, October 24 from 11am – 2pm
The exhibition in La Mina
With Manuel J. Borja-Villel, Ramon Parramon, José Francisco Marín, Noemi Cohen, Josep Maria Monferrer and groups from La Mina.

*This program is subject to last minute changes.

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