This roundtable opens the professional symposium What About Production? organised by Screen from Barcelona in parallel with the LOOP Fair. The symposium gathers in Barcelona key professionals with diverse and complementary experiences in the audiovisual production sector, with the purpose of establishing a dialogue between a wide array of moving image art production forms, structures and models.
Within this framework, the purpose of this discussion is to explore how the specific expertise of the cinema producer can be transferred to art production parameters, as well as sketching out possible modes of collaboration between the two spheres.

Round table mediated by Luis Miñarro (Producer, director of Eddie Saeta Barcelona), with the participation of Simon Field (Producer), Marco Müller (Dir. Venice Film Festival); Ulrich Gebauer (Dir. Carlier Gebauer, Berlin) and Fiona Tan (Artist)

'The Chair', 2006 (Images released by Eddie Saeta)


Wednesday 30 May, at noon
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