For secondary education and high school students

Are You Ready for TV?, the catchphrase for one of the first commercials for the invention, is an exhibition that creates a visual and emotional context to analyze a schema of visual categories forged by television and its relationship with art. Television, as a space for diffusion, has been the object of analysis by disciplines concerned with the evolution of cultural production in its historical dimension as well as in its relationship with ideology, in addition to those interested in art for its being both the obvious and hidden sides of productive imagination.

Dedicating an exhibition to television is already a challenge in and of itself. For a museum, it supposes creating an exhibition that can highlight meaning and emphasize the study of television as a format (recording mishaps, live broadcasts, deferred broadcasts, limits that impose themselves). It also means discussing the fusion of two media such as television and Internet.

It is in this context that we propose an educational project divided into three parts: visiting the exhibition; participation in the discussion and reflection on the television medium and its special relationship with contemporary art; and a final practical experience using the techniques that are unique to television.

To allow us to carry out this practical aspect, we’ve set up Zero TV: a space full of possibilities in which to explore new strategies relating to the television medium, based on its relationship to art. The resulting productions will be broadcast online, live, on MACBAZEROTV. TV Web MACBA will program a selection of the works produced.

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In order to get a file compiling every work featured in this project, write us at educacio [at] macba [dot] cat