By Lucía Egaña Rojas, Julieta Obiols and Javiera Pizarro

The Dislocated Archive was built up out of materials from several different archives in the city (Ca La Dona, Casal Lambda, MACBA and Alex Brahim, among others). After interviewing the people who oversee and conserve these archives, we put together a series of partial, subjective oral stories about the practices that keep the memory of dislocated identities and bodies alive. Once presented, these interviews will be available for visitors to browse in the exhibition space. Our aim was to expand the Dislocated Archive by adding voices and impressions that might not have any accompanying documentation but which nonetheless give an idea of the scope of these recordings and the different shapes they take based on the various archives and documents linked to LGTBI life.

Archive memories


TUESDAY 05 JUNE 2018, at 7 pm
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