Lecture led by Vito Acconci
Wednesday 26th January 2005, at 7.30 pm.

In the early 1980s, Vito Acconci presented his first architectural proposals for public spaces, while in 1988 he founded Acconci Studio, a small collective consisting of architects and artists that collaborate on architectural and design projects. From then on, many of his projects have taken the form of architectural interventions that are additions to pre-existing buildings. The forms are developed taking the existing structures as their starting point. With time, the proposals take on the form of architectural structures, independent of their support. Fundamental to all of the projects produced by the Acconci Studio is a questioning of the traditional function of urban space, something which has been made possible thanks to the commitment the artist has maintained throughout his career to language, the body and its relationship with the space. Just as in his poetry and performances, these proposals set out to challenge the perception of the city as an experience of rational order. The aim is to intervene in the search for a public space that encourages communication, a space that is capable of developing relations between individuals and of fostering a sense of community.




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Architectural Events