Thursday, 10th June 2021

Are you a timewaster? Do you know how much time we have in life? Do you think time travel exists? And shouldn’t we learn more about our rhythms? We have to know how to waste time, travel back in time, imagine other rhythms of life. This is why we invite you to the presentation of the book Aprendre el temps. Manual sobre cronodiversitat [Learn time. A manual on chrono-diversity], with questions, reflections, exercises and critical practices to suspend normative time and open up to other temporary experiences.

Raquel Friera and Xavier Bassas, together with the “Visual and Plastic” students from the fourth year of Institut Poeta Maragall in Barcelona: Selma Amat, Valeria Antón, Kenneth Ariola, Fabricio Cadima, Katherine Fitzpatrick, Noa Garcia, Sean Isidro, Kheslhy Isla, Valeria Marcillo, Jessica Mendoza, Aya Miloun, Janna Moraga, Sira Muñoz, Lucía Santos, Idaira Silva, Helen Valera, Xinyi Xia and teacher Pilar Domènech.

Held within the context of the 11th edition of Creators IN RESiDENCE in Barcelona secondary schools, a programme from the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona, devised in cooperation with the association A Bao A Qu.

Publication design: Todojunto.

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