Saturday, 26 de March 2022

This encounter is intended to cross the dynamics of collective learning and the thinking-by-doing of the Radio Web MACBA Working Group with the polyhedral work of the poet, curator, sound artist and activist Antye Greie, who was born and educated in East Germany and has resided on the island of Hailuoto, Finland since 2008. With her, we will analyse the contradictions and inequalities that the new world order imposed after the fall of the wall in 1989 and the abrupt transfer of the Eastern Bloc from one paradigm to another, in its accelerated and unreserved assimilation of the values of the Western capitalist system. We will see how the globalization process revealed economic and social disparities, and found in post-Soviet communities the cheap and delocalized labour power that enabled the cannibal logic of old Europe. Tensions that now feed and complicate the war in Ukraine, and the role and responsibilities of the different actors involved in it, actively and passively. At the same time, Antye’s experiences of networking, collective creation and community creation suggest strategies for a sensitive, militant and proactive listening and organisation that allow us to continue to imagine new forms of governance and living together.


Antye Greie
This activity is part of Education from Below, a project with the support of Creative Europe's programme of the European Union
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Picture of Antye Greie

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