With Alexander Alberro, Leo Bersani, Claire Bishop, Bernard Blistène, Jesús Carrillo, Helmut Draxler, Kaja Silverman, Beatrice Von Bismark and WHW

Relationality is a concept that permits us to controversially intervene in the debate about artistic institutions and their publics. We believe that it is necessary to propose other relationality, recovering John Dewey's reflection on "art as experience" (1934), as well as an ample experimental tradition of 20th century art, which has investigated meaningful methods to reinstate new forms of subjective appropriation of artistic processes beyond institutional over-determination.

From relationality's point of view, the Museum is a space for art in which new forms of social interaction are investigated without limiting its function to mere exhibition, but creating an experimental platform. In this way, Art can contribute significantly to the multiplication of public spheres through a process in which various subjects, forms and spaces participate.

This seminar is in line with previous MACBA projects as it constitutes a new attempt to propose other ways in which Art can exist in the public sphere.

This project has been carried out within the framework of Transform and with the support of the European Community.



This program consists of two sessions. The first will take place on the 25th and 26th of November, 2005 (detailed in this brochure), and a second on the 17th and 18th of March, 2006, will deal with the debates on the relational question, institutional refusal, and the dialogue on cooperative and antagonistic practices.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25th The poetry of relation
Session mediated by Bernard Blistène

11 am: Bernard Blistène: The Subject's place

12:30 pm: Leo Bersani: Towards a Theory of Relationships.

4:30 pm: Kaja Silverman: The World's Spectators

7 pm: Claire Bishop: Social Transformation: Are Relationships a Medium?

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26th The Transformation of Institutional Space
Session mediated by Jesús Carrillo

11:00 am: Jesús Carrillo: Public Art, institutional criticism and relational art

12.30 pm: Alexander Alberro: Other legacies of institutional criticism

16.30 pm: Beatrice Von Bismark: Other institutions, other publics
18.00 pm: Helmut Draxler: Alter institutional criticism

19.00 pm: WHW: Institutional networks or networked institutions?

20.00 pm: Debate


Alexander Alberro, Associate processor of Art History at the University of Florida

Leo Bersani, Professor Emeritus of French at the University of California, Berkeley

Claire Bishop, Leverhulme, Investigator of the Department of the Conservation of Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art.

Bernard Blistène, General inspector for the artistic creation in the delegation of the Plastic Arts, and the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France.

Jesús Carrillo, Professor of Art History at the Autonomous University of Madrid

Helmut Draxler, Art Historian, Art Critic and Curator

Kaja Silverman, PhD, Brown, Professor of the Department of Rhetoric and the Program of Cinematographic studies at the University of California, Berkeley

Beatrice Von Bismark, Art Historian in Leipzig and participant in the Art Space of the University of Lüneburg

WHW, "What, How & for Whom / WHW", group of independent conservation that organized a variety of productions, exhibition projects and editorials, all directed by the Galerija Nova. The group's members Ivet Curlin, Ana Devic, Natasa Ilic and Sabina Sablovic, and will be represented by Natasa Ilic.

The program is subject to change. Simultaneous translation available.

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