Before and After Dancing is a performative project by Asociación Cultural La Poderosa, which puts the spotlight on the body as a tool for transformation and change.

Before and After Dancing offers a non-hierarchical experience in which the spectator ceases to be a spectator and becomes an 'actuator' (participant) in an experience shared in time, through dance and photography.

Visitors are invited to dance together in a common space in which the individual body yields to the collective body, to the multitude, to sweat and grease.

Before and after the time set aside for dancing, visitors take a self-portrait that functions as a record of the experience. The images of their faces are projected onto a screen at the end of the session, rescuing spectators from their usual anonymity.

Dancing as an act of resistance, resisting time and fatigue.

‘We are already dancing at the same time being danced dancing myself, dancing you, dancing us, dancing the street, dancing the square, dancing the corner, dancing, dancing the bed, dancing the chairs, dancing the door, dancing everything...’

An everyday experience that is useful in its uselessness. Right now, this is our way of making the revolution.

Idea, production and direction: Mònica Muntaner and Beatriz Fernández
Audiovisuals: Daniel Miracle

Before and after dancing


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