Since 2002, MACBA has brought together professionals from the fields of psychoanalysis, art therapy and anthropology with the aim of generating innovative formulations that are adapted to the use of artistic productions. The aim of Alleged opposites is to give visibility to these projects, question them, and theoretically adapt the results arising from these applications.

The working group is led by Montserrat Rodríguez and Eva Marxen, with the participation of the artists Ignasi Aballí and Dora García, the psychoanalyst Shula Eldar and the anthropologist Ángel Martínez.

Montserrat Rodríquez's approach is the result of her research into the mechanics of language creation processes, the consistency of artistic production and the logic underlying social ties, arising from psychoanalytic practice with users or patients of mental health centres in Barcelona and its surrounding areas. This process began in 2002.

Eva Marxen's project is based on the use of art therapy with a psychoanalytic slant and an anthropological understanding. It began in 2003 at educational centres in the Raval with teenagers who had been labelled 'at risk of social exclusion.' The project started with the creation of the necessary conditions (Winnicott's 'potential space') for subjective work aimed at maintaining the capacity for symbolisation.

The practices took place in a public space – specifically, MACBA –, and they were based on an exploration of image construction processes and the social formations that arise from these practices. The points of intersection between analytic and the art-therapeutic devices are the use of imagery and the fact that the work takes place with groups that are politically positioned on the margins of the social.

Ignasi Aballí "Rétol", 2005


Fridays 25 May, 22 June, 6 July, 14 September, 10 October, 23 November, 14 December, 2012 and 11 January and 8 February 2013, from 6 to 8 pm.

One session monthly, from 25 Mai 2012 to 8 February 2013.

Montserrat Rodríguez is a Barcelona-based psychoanalyst who belongs to the Catalan Community of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis and has a degree in Geography and History. She began her research into language and socialisation processes in 1998 at Serveis Personals del Gòtic (Ajuntament de Barcelona), in collaboration with the Museu Barbier-Mueller d'Art Precolombí de Barcelona. She collaborated with MACBA from 2002 to 2011, carrying out research into the mechanics of language creation in psychoses and in artistic creation processes. She has published Estados de dolor (2012) and several essays on psychoanalysis and aesthetics in specialist journals. She also imparts seminars and lectures on psychoanalytic theory and artistic languages.

Eva Marxen is an art therapist and anthropologist, and has also studied psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. She is currently on staff at the Massana Continuing Education programme (UAB) and teaches in several institutions, programmes and postgraduate and Masters courses, focusing on mental health and immigration and art therapy. In recent years she has collaborated with MACBA, and she has given papers, lectures and workshops at national and international congresses. She is the author of the book Diálogos entre arte y terapia (2011), and has published numerous articles in books and journals.

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