Jokkoo is a Barcelona collective set up to offer a platform for new and existing musical and cultural initiatives with an African perspective, as well as to bring new musical narratives from Africa and its diaspora to a wider audience in Spain. Although some styles of music have received little attention beyond their countries of origin, this is not universally true and certain ones have had more success in some areas than others. Jokkoo members aim to seek out spaces for promoting styles of music that for various reasons have struggled to reach new audiences.

To tie in with the exhibition Undefined Territories: Perspectives on Colonial Legacies Jokkoo has put together a programme designed to give a voice to a range of identities with different African roots so that they can express their visions and concerns and share their unique creative insight, music and personal languages.

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9.00–9.40 pm. Doctor Mackandal (live). Ken Province, a multidisciplinary performer with Haiti ancestry who goes by the name of Doctor Mackandal, has designed a project based on sounds linked to the world of Africa. He uses samples, loops, distortions and images as a free-flowing language to tell stories driven by experimentation and creativity.

9.40–10.20 pm. Mbodj. Maguette Dieng (Mbodj) will play a set exploring various ideas linked to neo-colonialism and the political and economic control that Western countries still exert over Africa.

10.20–11.20 pm. Ibaaku (live). A leading light on the contemporary Afrofuturist scene, Ibaaku is a visionary Senegalese multi-instrumentalist who classifies himself as an alien, as borne out by his performances. He uses his own sound and visual languages to whisk audiences off to his own universe full of futurist references with a clear African identity.

11.20–midnight. Senegalese DJ and Jokkoo cofounder Baba Sy will be on the decks playing cutting-edge music by up-and-coming names on the African scene.

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