The work of Alfredo Costa Monteiro lies between the visual arts, visual poetry and sound. His installations and sound pieces, all of them low-fi, share an interest in unstable processes, raw materials and gestures. The manipulation of objects as instruments and instruments as objects endows them with a profound phenomenological character.

Costa Monteiro studied sculpture and installation at the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, with Christian Boltanski. In 1992 he moved to Barcelona. He was a member of the contemporary art collective Espai 22a (1998–2006) and of the improvisation collective IBA (2001–6). In sound poetry, he performs solo polyglot and noise pieces (in Portuguese, French and Spanish), in which sound establishes different semantics. Ongoing sound projects include Cremaster (with Ferran Fages), I treni inerti (with Ruth Barberán), Atolón (with Ferran Fages and Ruth Barberán), Astero (with Juan Matos Capote), 300 Basses (with Jonas Kocher and Luca Venitucci) and duos with Pascal Battus, Tim Olive and Michel Doneda.

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