Barcelona-based filmmaker and producer Albert Serra is one of the most unique and exciting figures to emerge on the recent European scene. His films include Honor de cavalleria (Honour of the Knights), 2006; El cant dels ocells (Birdsong), 2008; and El senyor ha fet en mi meravelles (The Lord Worked Wonders in Me), 2011. He is currently preparing Història de la meva mort, a film based on the myths of Casanova and Dracula. He previously worked with MACBA on the exhibition Are you Ready for TV? directing the mini-series The Names of Christ, 2010. Albert Serra's talk is an unmissable opportunity to discover the films of Aleksandr Sokurov through the eyes of a fellow filmmaker.


Aleksandr Sokurov
Aleksandr Sokurov "Veus espirituals. Dels diaris de guerra" (fotograma), 1995


Wednesday 14 March, at 7.30 pm
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