Afro-futurist working day to coincide with the exhibition Undefined Territories. Perspectives on Colonial Legacies. In the course of activities of different formats programmed throughout the day, we will address some of the themes of the exhibition: the imprint of colonial repression and dispossession, the ways in which imperial powers have exerted control through epistemic structures, such as political mapping and language, and the challenges of independence and the postcolonial condition, among others.

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Kapwani Kiwanga, 'Afrogalactic: A Brief History of the Future, 2012-Present' (2014). Foto: Emma Haugh


SATURDAY 28 SEPTEMBRE, at 10.30 am

10.30 am: Barcelona and America Tour: A Cartography of the Colonial Narrative (1835–88), by the Ruta de autor (Aymara Arreaza R. y Lorena Bou L.) collective.
Organised by the Ruta de autor collective, this tour of Barcelona will show how the coloniality of power functions, especially through the investments of the indianos (Spanish colonialists); it will reconstruct the transformation of the city in the nineteenth century and activate the imaginary that lies under the relationship between Barcelona and the American colonies.
Meet Point: Pla de Palau at 10:15 am
Admission: Free with prior booking. Limited places.
Duration: 3 h
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6 pm: Let’s talk about Undefined Territories. Perspectives on Colonial Legacies with The Group of Black-African Thought, Practices and Activisms.
The Group is developing new ways of analysing and understanding the colonial project in opposition to the Eurocentric legacy and essentialisms. Here it will attempt to overcome the divisions inherent in the analysis of the question of the creation of race, which is usually defined in terms of sociology, philosophy, economics and psychology, or of class and gender, as isolated points of view.
Venue: Exhibition galleries.
Admission: Free with prior booking. Limited places.

7.30 pm: Afrogalactica. A Brief History of the Future (2012–present). Live lecture by Kapwani Kiwanga with video projection.
In the first chapter of her lecture-performance trilogy, Afrogalactic, Kapwani Kiwanga poses as an anthropologist from the future and reflects on some major themes in Afro-futurism and their role in the development of the United States of Africa Space Agency. She synthesises fragments of poetry, mythology, pop culture, science and scholarly discourse with archival imagery to challenge historical narratives. Afrogalactica: A Brief History of the Future mixes fact and fiction to generate new stories out of the canonical and the overlooked, while speculating on possible futures.
Venue: Capella MACBA.
Admission: Free admission. Limited places.

9 pm: Alien Nomad Sound. Jokkoo Collective. Music.
Jokkoo is a collective from Barcelona created by DJ Baba Sy and MBODJ that aims to promote African electronic, experimental and contemporary sounds, as well as their diaspora. They are occasionally joined by other musicians and DJs who share their vision and passion for music. Afroelectro, Ggom, Kwaito and Mzansi House are some of the genres performed in their sessions, in an attempt to take African music to another level and, of course, invite the audience to travel.
Venue: Capella MACBA.
Admission: Free admission. Limited places.
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