With a classical music background and training, several active ‘skins ‘ or pseudonyms in different scenes, and dozens of releases on the international labels that best explore the genuine (and free) inspiration of experimental music, the work of the irrepressible Erik Hurtado Saura reaches its expressive peak – through allusions and through multimedia – in his live gambols. An incombustible dada artist, skilled at signifying tropes, memes, and hypertextual links, intimate with deconstruction and with folds of meaning, Erik Hurtado expertly strips back musical schemes and alternative routes, in a kind of musical metalanguage in which adventure electronica and New Age become his main magma, and his past, present and future become reverberated cycle and continuous eruption.

His compositions also create variations on sound excursions that evoke noise, psychodelia, drones, ambient, space-kraut or kosmische, collage and classical dynamics, while materialising and oscillating pop, intelligence, irony, and cultured music. And they are also a door – a strange, lucid transfer of apneas and paramnesias – into the other side of the symbol.

On the occasion of this Barcelona gig at MACBA, Afrika Pseudobruitismus will be propelled by the imaginary laserdisc of Motor Fantasy. A programme featuring fragments of surreal retrofuturism and rotor-less holographic diamonds will also include outbursts of projective noises and triggers, fantasy, meditation, multicoloured iridescence, polyphony and digital lyrical creativity in a dazzling experience that only one of the biggest and best-disguised talents in the country is capable of pulling off.
Text by David Cano

More information: http://pseudobruitismusafricamus.blogspot.com.es/

Session in collaboration with BccN 2015

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm
Afrika Pseudobruitismus


SATURDAY 9 MAY 2015, 7 pm
Venue: Meier Auditorium.
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