Saturday, 23 July 2022

Non-binary and trans sorority

In Carta blanca (Carte Blanche), El Palomar focuses on the productions of trans artists, connecting the musical and the festive with their potential for empowering possible queer scenes, as they did in other projects such as Hedonismo crítico (Critical Hedonism) and Seguir de fiesta  (Carry on Partying), offering once again the stage to non-cisgender artists. This performance can be seen as an advance presentation of their next project, There must be justice, a record of remixes of the soundtrack of Schreber is a Woman, produced entirely by trans and non-binary artists.

Taking part in the event will be Aérea Negrot, performing in Barcelona after a number of years, and TAAHLIAH, appearing in Spain for the first time. The project aims to be the tip of an international scene that, although not yet connected, already exists and resists.

Activity "Carta blanca" with El Palomar, Aérea Negrot and Taahliah

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