This academic year 2005-2006, the MACBA is pleased to announce an educational initiative directed towards students and teachers of both elementary and secondary schools. This initiative is aimed towards offering the resources necessary to work with many of the aspects related to contemporary art in the classroom either before or after a visit to the Museum.

Educational visits to the museum always have time constraints, which force their development. The MACBA is aware that this impedes most in-depth analysis of the exposition, and proposes to compensate for that by offering resources for in-class study in hopes that, by dedicating an adequate amount of time to the questions at hand, a more profound understanding is achieved.

These educational projects have been carried out in collaboration with David Armegol (artistic educator and independent curator), Marta Berrocal (educational projects for museums and artistic education instructor) and Joan Roca (geographer, historian and professor at the Besòs neighbourhood High School).

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