As in previous years, the 6th Expressart Conference will be held at the start of the school year. The purpose of this conference is to bring together professionals from all educational levels.

As such, the programme of the conference includes a comprehensive introduction to the project Expressart. Portable Museum, by Marta Berrocal, as well as a series of presentations by teachers who have implemented the project in the previous year. We believe that it is desirable for the people who have worked with the project share their experiences and the learning outcomes achieved with their colleagues.

5th Expressart



Venue: MACBA
Free registration

10 am Presentation of the project Expressart – Portable Museum
By Marta Berrocal, creator of the project

11.30 am Pause

12 pm Experiences:
- Verònica Moliné, Cristina Pascual and Rosa Mª Riu, teachers at the Josep Espasa- Zer Riu set School, (Lleida - Les Garrigues).
Experience with infant and primary level.

- Clara Fontbona and Víctor Moreno,teachers of the Serra de Miralles School, Tordera (El Maresme).
Experience with primary level.

- Gemma Bello and Marta Pons, teachers of the CEE Can Rigol, Prat de Llobregat (Barcelonés).
Experience with special education in secundary level.

- David Arnaiz, Anna Díaz and Fanny Figueras teachers of the IES Moisés Broggi, Barcelona.
Experience with secundary level.

13.30 pm Open debate

For group and education program information please call (+34) 93 412 14 13
educacio [at] macba [dot] cat