The Expressart. Portable Museum project has now been running for two school years, and many teachers and students all over Catalonia have already had the opportunity to work with it. The project is theoretically aimed at early childhood and primary school children, but in the course of these two years it has also been used by teachers working at a range of educational levels, from nursery to early secondary and high school.

For this reason, we are organising the first forum for exchanging experiences related to the project. We believe it is important for those with hands-on experiences to share them with their colleagues, along with the problems they have encountered, their personal adaptations, how they and their students used it, the enjoyment they got from it, the learning outcomes, etc.

Our idea with this forum is to bring professionals involved in all educational levels together at a single event, because we are convinced that it will be an enriching experience for all involved.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009
10am Presentation of the Expressart. Portable Museum project
Tonina Cerdà and Marta Berrocal
11.15am – 1.30pm Primary, secondary and nursery school experiences
Elena Ramos – CEIP Pau Casals
Teresa López – IES Martí Dot
Ester Grau – Escola Bressol Mestral

4 – 6pm High school and early childhood education experiences
Mamen Zaera – IES Pompeu Fabra
Loli Gil – CEIP Els Pinetons
Gemma Núñez – CEIP Els Pinetons
Mariona Solà – CEIP Milà i Fontanals