10,000 francos de recompensa (A 10,000 franc reward) is the title of a 1974 interview given to Irmeline Lebeer by Marcel Broodthaers in which the Belgian artist criticised the fact that art was imprisoned by its own ghosts, used to embellish spaces of institutions as a sign of power, and wandered like a shadow through the layers of history. Broodthaers clearly distanced himself from the modernist belief that museums, as repositories of artistic essence, had to expose a universal reality which should be able to transform society. More than thirty years later, the questions and doubts posed by Broodthaers regarding the role of modern museums continue to be valid and most of them remain unresolved.
With the aim of discussing the role of museums in today's society and proposing organisational models, the Spanish Association of Contemporary Art Directors -ADACE - which was established as a forum for reflection and debate on the role and function of museums and contemporary art centres in Spain - has proposed the setting up of an international seminar which is intended to be held every other year.

At the seminar, Spanish museum directors and curators will be reviewing the current situation of the subject with other international colleagues, thinkers and artists.

10,000 francs reward (The contemporary art museum, dead or alive) is a project directed by the Spanish Association of Contemporary Art Directors-ADACE and organised by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, State Corporation for Spanish Cultural Action Abroad-SEACEX and the International University of Andalusia-UNIA artandthinking.


5.30 pm

6.30 pm
Programme presentation: Manuel J. Borja-Villel and Yolanda Romero

7.00 pm
Opening lecture: Benjamin Buchloh


10.00 am
The museum as a space of regeneration
Discussion table: Benjamin Buchloh, Chris Dercon, Simón Marchán, Santos Zunzunegui. Moderator: Manuel J. Borja-Villel

5.00 pm
Between the white cube and the black box
Lecture: Martin Jay
Discussion table: Jean-François Chevrier, Antoni Muntadas, Suely Rolnik. Moderator: Nuria Enguita Mayo


10.00 am
What history are we telling? How are narrations built?
Lecture: Mieke Bal. Discussion table: Roger Buergel, Beatriz Herráez, Allan Sekula
Moderator: Javier González de Durana

5:00 pm
The sub-alternative voice: Latin America
Lecture: John Beverley
Discussion table: Gustavo Buntinx, Paulo Herkenhoff, Ana Longoni
Moderator: Teresa Velázquez


10.00 am
Towards a distorted education
Lecture: René Schérer
Discussion table: Manuel Asensi, Ute Meta Bauer, Martha Rosler. Moderator: Juan de Nieves